Pinecone Moonshine Demos & Contact


Each year, we plan a variety of releases for PCMS: EPs and LPs showcasing a single artist and various artist projects. We listen to demos all year round. Releases are usually booked a year in advance. This allows time to iterate on the project, arrange for mastering, and artwork.

Vinyl is reserved for musicians who are recurring contributors to the label.


Once you submitted your demo, please allow two weeks before emailing a follow up. The more tracks you send, the longer it will take to listen to the submission.

Submit your music through Google Drive, Dropbox, or SoundCloud (if download is enabled). Otherwise WeTransfer also works well. Send demos to My SoundCloud, Facebook, and other social media do not alert me of new messages for demos and can delay a response. Please include a brief explanation of what you’re looking for. Here are some examples:

It also helps to tell me who you are and linking me to your previous releases.


I acknowledge that our label in the first several years released music by mostly cis male producers. We are striving to improve this trend. Please reach out if you are interested in music production or DJing, especially Drumfunk.


Pinecone Moonshine releases are mostly in the 160 - 180 bpm range. I like and produce the Drumfunk style of drum and bass. But we are open to and have released many styles of music. We also try to highlight at least one non-dnb style each year.

The tone of the record label is as important as the timbre and texture of the music. Interesting, unique, or odd sounds and ambience grab my attention. Our releases range from inharmonic drones and noise to being influenced by jazz, funk, and hip hop. Try not to tailor your sound to our label but rather let it inspire trying something different.




PCMS, Pinecone Moonshine (C) 2023. Updated 2023/01/22.